The opinion from the  "Earth, Wind, and Liars" NewYorkTimes16.04.2018 is nothing to joke about anymore, especially with our kids who inherit a mess and get to pay the interest on it to boot. Unfortunately, this really is a case of “in the long run we are all dead.” 


Cryptocurrencies are huge energy consumers -- The  hidden costs of Bitcoin and other current cryptocurrencies.


Hubert-Associates and endorse the #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain initiative

Congratulations to President Macron, and the French. It is encouraging that France is increasing its influence and leadership but it also has some catching up to do: France has been augmenting its nuclear power capacity -- and thus nuclear waste -- for decades and several of the active reactors in France are quite dated.

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The OptEner Smart Meter Cloud Box. Helping make 100%-Renewable a reality.

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16-April-2018 The opinion from the   "Earth, Wind, and Liars" NewYorkTimes16.04.2018  is nothing to joke about anymore, especial...